We are your affordable, pooper scooper, pet waste removal, Dog Poop yard cleaning service.



We CLEAN UP So your time is freed up.

Whether you are a busy working dog lover or a multi-unit apartment manager, we know your time and peace of mind is valuable. We aim to help you get some of it back by offering friendly and reliable pet waste removal. We are dog-lovers on a mission to increase your quality of life and love your dog like crazy!

Whether you are a multi-unit apartment building manager or a single home resident, we've got you covered. Click to find out more information about each service.

CHECK OUT THE carefree clean.


I love knowing that when I want to host friends in my backyard it will be always be clean. Our family loves DoodyFree.

Sally Field

Woodway, TX

Doody Free has helped me get some of my time back! Knowing that there is one less thing to think about is so helpful.

George Mayhew

Waco, TX

The people at DoodyFree are so kind and always helpful, and I think they love my dog, Goldy, as much as I do!

Steve Black

Waco, TX

Doody Free takes excellent care of the Loft Complex I manage. They are so great to work with and help me feel supported, knowing my tenants are getting the absolute best service.

Julie Laster

Waco, TX

When I signed up six months ago I had no idea how amazing it would feel to never have to worry about cleaning up my lawn. Now I do and I'm never going back. My pooch Bolt also thinks they're the best.

Kelly Doddle

Waco, TX


Doody Free offers tailored plans for you and your loved ones. Browse through the directions and click "sign up now" to get the carefree clean.


The last step is to select the number of dogs you have under the desired membership level and click sign up.


Pick your membership. We offer a Basic Membership, Premium membership  and a Lite Membership.


The first step is to  estimate your yard size and see which  membership you qualify for. Memberships are designated by regular yard or large yard size.


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